• Independence: 

    Hampshire Capital is one of the few independent asset management firms unrelated to any major real estate firm, construction company or financial institution.  We are unencumbered by potential conflict of interest and uniquely positioned to maintain an objective perspective with the sole interests of the client in mind.   

  • Focus and Transparency:

    Hampshire Capital focus is international investors and our objective is to provide transparent and professional asset management services expected by global institutional investors.   Our team of professionals with real estate, investment banking, institutional investing and accounting experience provides the global standard-quality bilingual (English and Japanese) asset management and reporting to meet the needs of the international investor. 

  • Flexibility:

    In this fast changing world, flexibility in meeting the changing needs and requirements of our global institutional investors is vital.   As an independent firm, Hampshire Capital has the flexibility to provide various levels of asset management services based on the needs of our client on a cost effective basis.

Track Record

Hampshire Capital is one of the few asset managers involved in the growing senior housing sector having arranged the acquisitions and managed over JPY 30 billion in aged care assets.   Hampshire Capital has relationships with the major players in this sector including nursing home operators, non-recourse lenders and nursing home developers.  
Hampshire Capital has managed over JPY 28 billion in assets including office, residential, retail, hotel and senior housing using various structures including tokutei mokuteki kaisha (TMK) and tokumei kumiai (TK).


  • Investment Services

    Hampshire Capital possesses the knowledge and capabilities to fully support a global institutional investor’s investment decision-making process.   We provide market research including macroeconomic trends and supply and demand of particular asset classes and sub-markets.  Our underwriting will vigorously review the validity of assumptions such as rental rates, vacancy rates, project cash flow as well as the reasonableness of the exit strategy.   After a particular asset has been identified, Hampshire Capital will perform due diligence which includes status of property rights, discovery of any building structural flaws, conformity to relevant laws and regulations, and estimating life cycle costs of the asset.  With our experience in real estate finance, accounting and tax, Hampshire Capital can provide a full range of financial services including arranging financing and creating the appropriate capital structure.

  • Asset Management Services

    Hampshire Capital’s objective is to maximize asset value for our investor.  Our activities include optimizing tenant mix, constant review of property market to address needed changes, identifying best property and building managers, and regular maintenance and renovation programs.   Our reporting in English is not just a linguistic translation but encompasses our ability to convey information about the asset and market across cultural boundaries.  For the exit strategy, we regularly review the best timing and best buyer to capture the maximum value.   Hampshire Capital is fully licensed in Japan under FIEL (Financial Instruments & Exchange Law) to conduct investment management business and investment advisory and agency business.

  • Asset Management Services for Non-Recourse Lender

    For lenders and servicers, Hampshire Capital offers on a cost effective basis asset management services for assets held in SPCs with defaulted non-recourse loans.  We have the flexibility to provide a short-term or long-term transition from an existing asset management company.  We are also flexible to provide the appropriate level and scope of asset management service and not to overlap or duplicate activities with other parties.